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March 29, 2013
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Drakonia was skipping with joy, following close behind Deadlox. “Well I showed him.” she said with a touch of  attitude. “Comparing someone to a squid is the biggest insult for me. Damn those beasts to the Nether.” Deadlox laughed, looks like they have one major thing in common, their hatred of squids.

“True that. Our army’s greatest enemy is the Squid Army. At first they were just annoying, but they’ve actually gotten smarter and more deadly. They even captured me once, and that was worse then the Nether.”

“So you were captured by squids too?”

Yea. Guess you were at one point? Bet it was hard, I mean water does not mix well with enderman.” Drakonia then ran up to him and suddenly cover his mouth with her hand.

“Shhh! Keep that quiet, we don’t need the whole world to know that!” He then swiped her hand away.

“Hey hey sorry, don’t need to bite my head off.” He crossed his arms, looks like its easy to get him mad.

“Well sorry Deadlox, I just don’t want to have the whole town chasing after me to kill me.” For a few minutes neither of them spoke, being slightly mad at one another and each too stubborn to end the tension. Drakonia sighed, she couldn’t believe she actually wanted to apologize. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped. Can we just continue with the tour?” Deadlox looked at her slightly surprised, then he gave a small smile.

“Sure, why not?” As soon as he was about to start pointing out the multiple stores, a loud crackling sound interrupted them. He looked to his side and revealed a butter powered intercom from his pant‘s pocket. Drakonia was quite puzzled, giving a “what is that?” look as he pulled the intercom up to his ear.

“Calling all high rank recruits! Calling all high ranked recruits! We are under attack, the shore line base is under attack! They’re brought one of their commanders, we need back up asap!” A girl’s voice yelled through the device, leaving those all around them silent. Deadlox quickly put the intercom back in his pocket and started searching through his back pack. Within a few seconds, he pulled a pulled metallic yellow square with a small red button on the side from his pack.

“Drakonia you stay here.” He said firmly as he pressed the button on the strange object. Within seconds the small square extended outwards, one side actually changing colors from yellow to a dark grey that had red glowing circuits running through it.

“But I want to see what’s going on!” She argued, she REFUSES to take any orders from any minecraftian!

“Well you can only come if you can get on this hover board!” He yelled as he placed it on the ground, quickly stepping on it to rush over to the distress call. Drakonia was not about to let some minecraftian brush her off. She quickly ran off into an ally way and began to focus. She had never teleported onto a moving object before, but there is a first time for everything. Within seconds she vanished in a cloud of purple particles, only to reappear high in the sky upon the hover board, now clinging onto Deadlox for balance. He was startled by her sudden appearance on the board, so startled in fact that he nearly lost control of the board, nearly knocking both of them off. “Can you not do that?! You nearly killed us!”

“Sorry, I really wanted to tag along. I love a good squid ass kicking.”  Deadlox laughed, he knew she would fit right in, enderman and all.  Within a few moments, they had left the city limits, past the wilderness and into the outskirts of an ocean biome. A golden building soon appeared near the edge of the ocean, wit would have been a majestic sight if it wasn’t for the spots of blue all over the place.

“Get ready Drak, we’re heading straight into battle. Jump off when I say 3.” Deadlox pulled out his enchanted butter sword, while also trying to keep balance since he’s actually never fought on his over board before. He looked back to see what item Drakonia was going to use to fight, and was caught off guard by what he saw. The blade of her sword was a tad bit longer then a normal blade and had the appearance of obsidian, not to mention two large curved spikes near the guard. The guard was curved as well and looked as if it was made of endstone, with a lava sphere in the middle which seemed to glow with power. “What in the Nether is that sword?!”

“Deadlox look out!” Drakonia pointed out in front of them, two squids flying right at them, but how! They were 15 blocks in the air! Deadlox tried to hover up but it was too late and the squids crashed into them, sending them straight towards the ground. Both of them hit the sand with a loud thud, and luckily were only knocked unconscious for a few seconds. As they both awoke and their vision began to focus, they looked around trying to understand what the Nether was going on.

“Their commander is out in that water tower!” They heard a recruit shout above the clangs of metal on metal. Drakonia quickly searched around and noticed the hover board  halfway deep in the sand.

“Bingo.” She said to her self as she got up and then raced towards the board, slaying any squid that laid in her path. She grabbed the board and laid it on the ground, quickly stepping on it and the board went on its own. “Oh crap!” The board was unbalanced, shaking back and forth as it escalated in height. “Damn it Drakonia. Think! How did he control this thing!”

“Drakonia! Get back down here you don’t know how to use that thing!” Deadlox yelled as he finally noticed her flying around in the mist of fighting off two squids. However she couldn’t hear him, the noises of battle were too loud for his voice to travel up to her.

“Maybe this was a bad idea, if I fall I cant teleport because that will only cause more trouble.” Drakonia tried to think back to only moments ago, how did he control this? There were no commands or buttons so what was it? Then she realize, it was how he was leaning on the board! “Lets hope this works.” She fixed the position of her feet to now stay firmly planted in two circles the red circuits form on the board and slightly leaned forward. The board leveled out and began to gain speed. Now that she knew what to do, she raced off towards the water heading straight for the squid commander, a rare squid man who was resting on top of a large pillar of water jutting out from the sea. Squids started flying out of the water to knock Drakonia off course, but they were no match for her hover board speed. The few that could get to her were sliced right through with her sword. She then pulled out her Nether bow, or what she called Ender’s Sight. A bow made of a dark red wood that slightly glowed and a iron handle that seemed to have more then one holding spot for multiple arrows. She didn’t waste any time pulling the arrow back and letting it fly after it automatically lit on fire; she had practice archery for as long as she could remember so all she needed was to see the distance and she instantly knew how much to pull back and at what angle. The sleeping squid man yelled out as he woke up to an agonizing pain in his shoulder. He searched around looking for whoever hit him as he swam up to the top of the pillar, his eyes then locked onto Drakonia.

“Well well well, if it isn’t Drakonia! You’re working with Minecraftians now?”  He yelled at her.

“Only in your nightmares!” she replied with her arms crossed, bow still in hand. She knew exactly who this was, looks like the squids did some genetic experiments. “So, how did an idiot like you get commander. Huh Sarton?”

“Its none of your business! Now prepare to finally die Drakonia, you can’t take on an entire army!” He unhooked a sea shell that was strapped to his side and yelled into it as if it was a megaphone. “Call all squids! Change of plans! Protect your commander and kill this freak of nature!”

“In your dreams Sarton!” Drakonia knew this would be difficult, and not because of the number of squids that will be attacking her, but the amount of water that may come her way when they shoot out of the water. She then zoomed towards Sarton, but then had to pull up at the last second to avoid crashing into the water as he retreated back inside the pillar of water. She looked back at the shore, even the squids from shore were heading straight for her. “Alright, all I have to do is keep moving, they cant catch up.” She said to her self, but then all of sudden, she felt a thump upside her head. They were shooting mini squids are her! “Hey get off!” she yelled kicking it off, but forgetting she actually needed both feet planted in those circles so she dropped a good 12 blocks in altitude before she regained control. She was now only a few blocks above the sea, she knew she had to hover up quickly but they were not about to give up easily. They started shooting out of the water, trying to hit her and knock her off or at least get some amount of water on her.

“Hey, hey! I’m a squid! We’re your doom, we’re your doom!” they chanted as she began to raise upward. Drakonia kept dodge the water columns with ease, although she would be doing better if the squids were not annoying the Nether out of her. She looked back towards  shore, many minecraftians were staring at the battle, others were heading into the now shining base, maybe just to heal up before watching the big fight. Infuriated by the lack of help she’s receiving, she lost concentration for just a moment, but that gave a mini squid the advantage of latching on and biting her leg. She winced in pain as the squid sank its teeth in her leg, allowing ink and water into the wound causing the pain to intensify. Soon as she tried to rip this one squid one, other mini ones were shot at her and latched onto her as well.

“Ok that does it!” She used her sword to slice them in half, however the lower half of them were still attached to her, she would have to remove them later or hope they would fall off orrisk being caught off guard again. The wounds were already healing due to her special abilities, but right now its has become a curse, because it wasn’t clearing up the red and black blood that leaked from her and was locking the water inside the wound. She cursed under her breath as he body started to tremble under the pain the water was delivering. “I’m not this weak! Its this damn water, I’m not meant for it!” She said to herself as she tried to stay standing. Sacton then jumped from the water with a pillar of water following behind him, and one of Drakonia’s powers activated. The world seemed to slow down, but in fact in reality Drakonia herself was only moving faster. She knew the board wouldn’t react fast enough, so she grabbed her bow and three arrows and aimed directly for the advancing squid. She let lose the arrows and all hit their mark. Time reverted back to its normal state, but the squid was still going even with an arrow in his head. He extended out his derpy squid sword and continued on his path, Drakonia at the last second moved to the back of the board before the squid broke right through it. As they both began to fall, Drakonia pulled more arrows from her bow and into the commanded and now other squids that were coming up to retrieve their wounded leader.  

“Its over now Drakonia!” He yelled as he raised his sword, about to deliver the final blow. Drakonia reacted fast and sent one more arrow at him, straight through his tentacle which ripped it right from his body.

“Now it is.” Drakonia replied with a evil smile.  “Guess I’ll hit the water next.” she thought. But all of a sudden,  she felt something grab her, and the view of the squid seemed to zoomed by, she looked up and she met with Deadlox’s gaze. His face had small cuts and scrapes from landing face first in the sand, his arms were in the same condition except she knew those were from close calls from a sword.

“Didn’t I tell you to get off the hover board?” He said with a worried look.

“Didn’t hear you. Even if I did, I probably would have stayed on it. I’m stubborn like that.”  She said laughing, trying to hide the pain and trying to control her shaking. She looked behind them, Sky and Jason were right behind them on their own hover boards along with a couple sky recruits following behind them shooting arrows at the remaining squids.

“Sorry we’re late helping you, the squids were guarding the armory. Lets get you to the infirmary.”

“No you cant, remember? Now put me down, so they don’t think I‘m injured.”  

“Then what do you suggest? I cant just leave you injured like this.” he said, then setting her down on her feet.

“Just give me some time to dry off and I’ll be fine. Besides, I have to go home soon, its an hour till sunset.” Deadlox sighed, he knew already that he wouldn’t win this argument.

“Hey guys I’ll be back soon. I need to drop off Drakonia at her place. Be back soon.” He said to Sky and Jason.

“Hey wait she needs to be heal first!” Jason yelled as Deadlox sped off towards town.

Time passed by slowly, both Drakonia and Deadlox were actually quiet, maybe they spent to much energy fighting the squids to even speak with one another. “You said drop you off at the lake, right?”

“Yes please. I know my way home from there.” As they zoomed over the trees the sun was just beginning to set, giving everything a light shade of a beautiful orange. “By the way, thank you for saving me, again.” She said, trying to hide the hatred she felt for saying it. Being saved by a minecraftian not once, but twice was so humiliating.

“Hey no problem, glad I could help.” He replied as the board began to hover slowly downward. The moment it was low enough Drakonia jumped off, wincing a little bit at her still injured leg even though the actual wound was gone, the water that is trapped inside has yet to evaporate. “Are you sure your ok?” He asked as he got off the board and handed her a golden apple. “Here, have a butter apple. You need it more then I do.”  Drakonia was surprised, he was actually giving her something to heal her.

“Oh, thank you.” She looked away, she honestly didn’t know what to say exactly.

“Well good night.” Deadlox stepped on his board, only this time it wouldn’t rise. “Notch damn it. This thing eats up coal like crazy. Sorry Drak but do you happen to have a few pieces?”

“Yea  sure.” She quickly looked through he bag and picked out the few pieces of coal she had. She had to hurry up and return home. “Here you go, and you have a good night too.”

“Thanks Drak.” Deadlox turned around and placed the coal into the fuel compartment. “Oh Drak are yo-” He began to say but when he turned around, Drakonia had already vanished into the shadows.


Drakonia found herself in wide open field, she looked around to make sure nothing was watching. She placed a lever on the ground and flipped it gently. A 9 by 9 walk way opened  in the ground. “Home sweet home.” As she entered she took the lever with her and opening closed shortly behind her. She continued walking downward since the stairwell even went past bedrock level. Once she reached the end, she was met with a creeper and a skeleton in a large corridor made of stone bricks lit by lava fountains and hanging redstone lamps.

“Well good evening Lady Drakonia.” the skeleton said.

“Hello there, I’m guessing you’re a new member?”

“Yes I am, its very nice to meet you. Arkbron has told me so much about you. Even your immunity to lava. You are one lucky mob, lucky to have that genetic trait.”

“Why thank you. If you don’t mind, could you prepare a lava bath for me?”

“Alright, it shall be done.”

“Oh and also put these in my room.” She pulled out the small box of chocolate and handed it to the skeleton. The skeleton gladly took it and walked away, only leaving the creeper.

“Lady Drakonia, he wishes to see you.” Drakonia nodded, and continued walking. She finally stopped at two large doors that seemed to resembled those of king’s bedroom in a castle. She walked in the room, and saw him leaning against his desk staring up at a well drawn map of Minecraftia.

“Yes?” The man said.

“You wanted to see me?”

“Oh yes Drakonia. I wanted to speak with you before you ran off after training. You've been working so hard the past four years, never taking a day off. So I've decided to give you a two month break. You are making me proud by how strong you have become.” He said still not turning around.

“Oh thank you…… Herobrine.” She said with a smile. She turned around and was about to exit the room.

“Drakonia, its been 4 years since I found you again. No need to be formal with me.” he replied.

“Alright. Thank you again….. Father....”
End of prologue! This is a bit of a long one so I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you guys think and your ideas for up coming parts, I really honor your guys opinions and ideas because I seriously need them when I have writers block.
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