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April 7, 2013
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Drakonia was relaxed in her recently filled lava bath. The pool was a 9x9 square that at some parts were 5 blocks deep, yet at another end it was only a block deep that was all outlined with nether brick slabs. The pains of the day melted away here, the only place where she could get some peace and quiet. “Hopefully the water will finally go away so I can actually walk properly.” she said to her self as she leaned back against the slabs. She looked up, thinking about the day she had. There was one thing that kept replaying in her mind was when she first saw her “friend” Deadlox. She was still puzzled at why she couldn’t kill him when she had the chance. She closed her eyes and tried to get lost in thought, maybe that would provide her with an answer. All was quiet in the room, all that was heard was the popping of thick bubbles the lava produced, until the silence was broken.

“Well hello Drakonia.” a voice said.

“AHHHH!” Drakonia yelled before she completely submerged herself under the lava. Her expression turned from shocked to annoyed when she realized the only possible mob she knew that would do such a thing. She popped her head out of the lava, turning towards the figure where the voice came from. “Endy! Will you learn how to knock!” The figure that stood before her was no ordinary mob, in fact he was one of the rarest, a black ender nivis.

“Come on Drakonia. There’s nothing to hide, after all I did raise you since you were 6.” Endy smiled, now looking away due to the fact he knows Drakonia will kick his ass. “So where have you been all day?”

“What are you? My keeper?”

“Drakonia, you can drop the act.” He said firmly. Drakonia sighed, it was hard switching out of her aggravated mood sometimes.

“Sorry Endy. I had a stressful day. I fell in water after I woke up and had to deal with stupid squids. The wounds healed up but water is still trapped inside.” There was a short pause in the conversation. Drakonia still silent, dipped her head in the lava just a little bit to rinse her mouth from all the food she ate earlier.

“So, who saved you from the water then?” Endy asked suddenly. Drakonia taken off guard by the question, suddenly spitting out the lava after nearly chocking on it.

“W-What do you mean?! Like I needed to be saved!”

“Drakonia, don’t lie. You and I both know you cant use any of your powers until an hour has past after you wake up. Which is why you only sleep once every few months. So someone had to be there to help you, since you don‘t know how to swim.” Drakonia gave another annoyed look, she knew she had to say the truth eventually, Endy would find out one way or another.
“Fine Endy. A minecraftian by the name Deadlox helped me out of the water. H-”

“Wait a second, you didn’t harm a minecraftian? And what’s with your tone of voice? Its not as harsh as usual when you talk about them.” Endy noticed Drakonia’s eye beginning to twitch, he completed his goal, to piss her off. “Anyways, continue.” Drakonia explained what her day was, down to every last detail.

“So let me get this straight. You’re falling for a minecraftian when you’re already engaged?” Drakonia immediately shot him an angry look.

“First off, like I would EVER fall for a pathetic minecraftian. Secondly, you know the agreement. If I had a say in this, I would kick that horny Nether Prince’s ass and never see him again. But its all part of our plan to rule over Minecraftia remember?” Drakonia replied as she lifted her left hand from the lava, her gaze fixated on a gold ring that bared a single small emerald surrounded by perfectly shaped sphere pieces of nether quarts. “Wish I could take off this damn thing, but whatever magic he used on it protects it. I even dipped my hand in water to get rid of this thing, but no such luck. He never told me how to remove it either.” She slammed her hand back down in the lava, now completely annoyed. “Endy, can you just close ALL of your eyes while I get dressed.” Endy didn’t make a sound but did what she requested. He waited for a few moments, trying to see if he could still read other ender’s mind, however it seems he still has yet to be able to do that ability again.

“I’ll be waiting for you in the main part of your room.” He said, shortly before teleporting away. Drakonia sighed, she hated talking about the Nether Prince, she hated talking about how she felt towards minecraftians, she hated it all. They all reminded her of the pain she went through in life. She gave another sigh as she tied the red ribbon in her hair and checked her ender pearl necklace. She then left the wash room, entering the main portion of her room. The floor was mostly made of dark spruce wood planks, except the area around her bed, that was made put of the finest royal blue wool to be created into a lush and soft carpet that extended a few blocks out from her double sized bed. The walls were made of stone bricks, chiseled bricks laid on the wall where the edge of another wall met. The bed its self was soft and comfortable, its sheets made out of the same wool. Extensions of the bed hanged 2 blocks over the bed, allowing thin pieces of fabric to hang to allow some extra bit of privacy if she wished. The drawers were made from perfectly carved birch wood and were 4 blocks wide, along with a matching large closest on the opposite side of the room where the drawer was. Hanging on the wall next to the bed was a weapons case, which was now filled with her best weapons. Endy was standing next to the dresser, opening up the small white box that laid on. “Whats this?”

“They’re called chocolates. Taste one, they’re really good.” Endy took one that looked like a normal ender and nibbled on it. He was only slightly satisfied with the taste, but he decided to finish off the rest.

“Drakonia, what are you going to do on your vacation?” He asked as he sat on her bed.

“Probably return to that town for a little bit. It seems to be the perfect town to cause destruction in.” she replied with an evil smile.
“Or maybe to see that minecraftian of yours.” Annoyed with his comment, she quickly grabbed her now empty pack and her weapons and headed to the door. “I’m not going to see him. Have a good day Endy. I’m going to take an early walk before I had off to the town..” She then left Endy there to himself. He sighed and shook his head, now looking towards the door. How things have changed, what a cold hearted being she has now become, just like her father.

“You hate them because many hated you.” he started to say. “You’re hands are stains with their blood since you began to train with your father. Each falling ever more easily due to your brutal fighting nature.” He paused for a moment, as if trying to find words to even speak. “But Drakonia, you can’t hide your true self forever.” He got up from the bed and walked over the dresser, closing the box of chocolates. “One day, you will want to reach out and befriend the very creature you claim to despise. I know you all too well.” He walked towards the middle of the room, looking around as if looking for something. His gaze then straight to a dark corner at the top of the room, noticing a pair of eyes staring back at him. He smiled, then said “Celino. Come here please.” He lifted his arm out, a bat appeared out of the shadows of the corner and landed on his arm. “Guess you ease drop on her more then I do.” He looked at the door again, with a slightly worried expression. “Go and follow her, find out what you can. Maybe our Drakonia will come back to us.” He said as he made his way to the door. He opened the door and motions for Celino to go through. Celino flew at the speed of light through the door, Endy closing the door behind it, followed by a deep sigh. “Oh Dratin, if you were only here now. Maybe you could talk some sense into her.” He thought. He looked up towards the glowstone chandelier as he remembered what had been, then he teleported away.

Drakonia was back out in the plain field, now filled with mobs. As she walked, she tried to ignore the normal chatter between the mobs, the arrows being fired and occasional fights that start between creepers and skeletons which never end well. Another night of passing through here, hearing all the names of the mobs that had died recently, how she dreaded hearing the death of her companions. She suddenly stopped when a spider jumped in front of her. “Lady Drakonia?” it said, tilting its head a little like a wolf looking at a bone.

“Yes? What is it?” she replied.

“Would you like a ride? Someone such as you shouldn’t be up on your feet all the time.”

“What do you want in return?”

“Oh nothing tonight Lady Drakonia. Tonight is on me.” Drakonia looked over to the horizon, where you could just barely see the edge of the forest biome she had came from earlier.
“Alright, thank you. If you don’t mind, could you travel on the treetops? I do not want to take the chance of crossing paths with a minecraftian.” The spider nodded, then turned around for Drakonia climb on its back. For half an hour she was lost in thought as the spider made its way across the trees. She didn’t understand it, she had killed many minecraftians long before him, so what did she sense that made her resist the urge to kill.

“Um Lady Drakonia, are you awake?” the spider suddenly asked, bringing her back to reality. “We’re here.” Drakonia hopped off and looked off at the dawn slowly rising. She nodded at the spider, and the spider was off on its way.

“Guess I’ll be coming back to this lake more often.” She said to herself. She jumped down from the treetops, now making her way to the lake’s edge. As the lake came to view, she noticed someone sitting by lake tossing the hook of his fishing rod out into the water, with a furnace nearby. “Deadlox?” The figured turned around, his green headset glowing in the now faint night.

“Oh hey Drak. I thought you went back home.”

“Well I did. I came back to see the town, and well honestly learn a bit more. Since its obviously I’m not up to date with technology.” She looked away, embarrassed to admit she doesn’t know everything. “So what are you doing?”

“Fishing. The fish bite more often at dawn.” Deadlox turned back when the line was being tugged on. He pulled the fishing rod back and a single fish came flying from the water, actually landing on his head. Drakonia laughed and walked over to him and pulled off the fish.

“Nice catch Deadlox.” She giggled as she handed him the fish. He placed the fish in the furnace as he took out a freshly cooked fish.

“Here, want a bite of it?”

“Are you sure it wont kill me or hurt me?” Drakonia asked as she sat down next to him.

“Not at all! All the water is gone.” Deadlox pulled a knife out of his bag and split the fish in half. Just like she did with the bread, one bite was all it took for Drakonia to stuff the rest of it right in her mouth. “I guess you never had normal food, have you?”


“Hey listen, want to go back to town? I know a place where you’d love their cooking. They always think outside the box.”

“Sure, that sounds cool.” After Deadlox packed up his things, they both went on their way to town, talking to each other about random things and trying to fix Drakonia’s hair back to how Deadlox had put it yesterday. As they walked the streets to their destination, any who were dressed in golden armor were greeting both Deadlox AND Drakonia. She was caught off guard, they were thanking her for her help in the squid attack. After a few distractions, they finally made it to a place called The Miner’s Café. The place was design to basically look like a ravine filled with ores, but every chair and table had a “polish” look to them along with a obsidian and nether quart floor tiling.

“Yo Kermit! You back there in the kitchen?” Deadlox yelled.

“Hey Deadlox! Whats up?” a voice yelled back from behind two iron doors that were next to the bar counter.

“Kermit, can you whip up two Farmer’s Snack special for me and my friend?”

“No prob.! Just give me a se- oh sh**!” All of a sudden there was a loud crash, sounded like dishes breaking. “Oh Notch damn it.”

“Well that’s going to take longer then I thought. Well while we wait, pick a table.” Drakonia looked around, but she immediately went for the table that redstone lamps painted to look like emerald blocks hanging above it. However, she began to feel worried, she heard some whispers from the other customers, they were talking about her. About 15 minutes passed until Kermit, a giant green frog came from the back holding two large plates. “Oh so this is your friend? Are you finally trying to get a girlfriend?” The frog said as he put down the plates. Deadlox punched him, causing him to flinch. “Hey that hurts!”

“What? It was just a ‘high five’.” Kermit went back to the kitchen with his cooking arm all sore. Drakonia looked down at her plate, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Grilled steak, with a side of baked fish with chopped carrots and small bits of potatoes on top of it, not to mention a small mound of steamy dirty mash potatoes. “Well, dig in Drak.”

“Well how about a contest first? Whoever finishes their plate first wins?”

“Challenged accepted!” and then they were off. Drakonia easily won, she barely ate any food so she was practically starving. Once she was done, she let out a large and long burp, making the whole café look directly at her.

“Ha, I win!” She yelled.

“Holy cow, never seen a girl eat that fast, or burp that loud.” He said laughing. “So how was the food? What it just as good as the chocolates?” He pushed his plate away, not even finishing it.

“Please this was so much better! This beats rotten flesh anyday!” Then all of a sudden, a blue figured ran up to them, lightly punching Deadlox in the arm. Drakonia noticed it looked like a creature called a Mudkip, however this figure was in a light grey suit.
“Hey there bro. Whatcha doing with a married girl? Trying to steal her away from her partner?”

“Huskey! Go away! I know you claim ‘you can tell a married woman from a mile away.’ But she’s not tak-” He then looked at Drakonia’s left hand, noticing a ring. “What the Nether?!” Huskey looked as if he knew he did something bad. She said he had to go and then ran back into the kitchen. “You’re married?” he then asked.

“Engaged, yes. Wish I wasn’t though.” She explain how she was arranged to be married, her father was making her in order to “become rich by royalty.” Isn’t that one of the biggest lies she ever told. She then started complaining about the man in general, complaining about every little part of him. “What’s worse is that this ring doesn’t come off. Look try it.” She held out her hand. Deadlox grabbed the ring and pulled, but to his surprise, she wasn’t kidding. No matter how hard he pulled, it would come off.

“Damn, I’m sorry. Cant imagine how you feel about marr-” Deadlox was interrupted by his intercom crackling to life. On the other side this time, was non other then Sky himself. He took the intercom out of her pack and listen in.

“Yo Deadlox. Have you found her yet?” He asked. Deadlox cursed under his breath before he pressed the button and replied back to Sky.

“Sorry I forgot. I’ll bring her down immediately. Deadlox out.” he put the item back in the bag and stood up from his chair. “Listen Drak, we need to head down to the base right now.” Drakonia looked confused.

“Why is that?” She asked as she stood up as well. Deadlox looked from side to side, making sure no recruits were in the room. He leaned towards Drakonia, still making sure there were no recruits.

“Well, don’t tell Sky I told you but…” He paused for a moment. “He wants to personally accept you into the Sky Army.
Ok, here you guys go, the start of ch. 1! Let me know about you think of the "new" characters! If you dont what kind of enderman he is, look at Sky's video of Enderstuff Mod.
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