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May 27, 2013
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As they walked along the roads of the city Drakonia kept to her self, keeping her gaze fixated on the ground as she walked along side Deadlox. “Damn it, I really need to stop crying.” She thought as she continued to rub her eye. “Why wont this sadness go away? Its lasting longer then it normally does.” She looked towards the sky, noticing the clouds slowly rolling in, making her very uneasy.  “Why do I feel like something is wrong. Like something‘s changed?”  She looked back down, wishing for her sorrow to go away. Deadlox took notice of Drakonia’s expression, she looked as if she was going to cry again, Then he noticed how pale she was, he wondered if she was ok.

“Drak, are you ok? You look a little pale.” Deadlox said, breaking the silence between them.

“I’m fine. Its just from the crying. I always get pale when any type of water touches my ender half.” She said swiftly, looking away from him. Silence fell between them once again. Drakonia never really talked much when she was upset, she rather keep to her self, however for some reason she actually felt bad for ignoring him. “Why do you even care Drak? He’s just a minecraftian, he doesn’t care.” she thought. “They’re all the same, only using one another and hating anything different.”

“Drakonia, don’t be so hard on him. Just by seeing him for a few minutes, he seems nice.”  Kikoyo’s voice said silently.

“Kikoyo!? You are not allowed out here! Get back where you belong!” she yelled in her head.

“Drakonia please give me a moment. All I’m saying is be nice, just for today at least. It will get you out of being sad.”

“I don’t need your advice. Now just go back before I really get angry.” she threatened. Kikoyo sighed, she hated being told what to do, especially if it was in a rude way.

“Alright, but don’t say I didn’t say anything.” Kikoyo finally said before fading away. For the rest of the walk, Drakonia played Kikoyo’s words in her head over and over again, wondering if being nice was even possible. Suddenly Deadlox’s intercom turned on, an incoming message was trying to get through.

“Yo, who’s this?” Deadlox asked as he took out the intercom.

“Who else would be sending an emergency call to you dude?” Sky’s voice said through the intercom. “Is Drakonia with you? I need you two for something urgent.” Drakonia snapped out of her daze when she heard her name, wondering what she was going to be needed for.

“Yea she’s here. What’s the problem?”

“Its Carletta’s kids. They ran out of the church where the funeral is being held and we cant find them. I’ve already sent out Sparklez, Ant, Jason, Jerome, Chim and Seto out but they haven’t found them. I need you two to search the extreme hills near the ocean. We’ve actually seen squid activity there today. I want you two to start searching asap.”

“Alright we’re on it. See you later Sky.” Deadlox shut off his intercom and quickly placed it back in his pocket. “Come on Drak, we need to go.” Drakonia nodded and they both ran off towards the ocean hills.


“Drak can we stop for a moment, I’m tired.” Deadlox said as he laid against one of the few trees scattered across the extreme hills landscape. They had already spent half an hour running around the area searching for the two missing kids, its not easy searching an area with so many over hangs and cave entrances.

“Geez he’s tired already? This minecraftians is weaker than most of the one I’ve fought.” Drakonia thought as she crossed her arms out of annoyance.  Deadlox was panting hard from all the running, however it was actually Drakonia’s idea to search for them as fast as possible. Deadlox sat down and pulled out two water bottles from his pack.

“Drak, want one?” Deadlox started to say, until he realized how stupid the question was. “Oh wait, I forgot. Sorry.” Drakonia walked towards him and snatched one bottle out of his hand. “Drak you don’t have to. I know enderman cant drink water.”

“I’m only HALF enderman. I still need water to survive.” She said gravely. Silence fell as slight sizzling was hear shortly after Drakonia took a gulp of water.

“Guess being half mob isn’t as glamorous as the books make it out to be.”

“Books? They’re stories about us?”

“Well yea. A lot of people write novels or fan fictions about people being half creeper, half ocelot and such. I’m guess you’ve never really read books have you?” Drakonia sighed and looked away.  She moved closer to the edge of the large cliff they stopped on,  and looked over the edge. A slight breeze began to pick up, another indication that bad weather was on its way which she didn’t like.

“Not really. To be honest I’ve only spent my life training my fighting skills and living in sadness and anger.” She said softly. “Kikoyo, what are you messing around with in there?” She thought noticing how she responded to Deadlox. “I’m sorry I made you run, I should have known you’re not as fast as me.” Each time Drakonia spoke, she was more and more puzzled, she had only met him for a few days yet her attitude towards him was so different from her personality. The only possible reason that she could think of for this change is because he did save her life. “I just want to find them before anything else does.”  Drakonia suddenly looked up as flapping sounds echoed through the hills. Drakonia held out her arm and within seconds a large bat carrying a small pack appeared and landed on her arm. “Hi there Celino. Just waiting for the rain?” The bat squeaked as if replying to her.

“What the Nether? Is that a bat with butter jewelry?” he said as he got up on his feet. Drakonia took the pack out of the bat’s claws, allowing Celino to fly free, well until Celino decided to land on top of Deadlox’s head. Celino squeaked a few times before she clinged onto his head with her wings and starting nibbling at his hair. “Uh… what’s she doing?”

“Celino! Just because he smells like oranges doesn’t mean his hair tastes like it! Just please get off of him.”  With a few more squeaks Celino flew into the air, now flying next to Deadlox and just staring at him. “Don’t bother Celino, he cant understand you.” Suddenly a scream echoed through the hills, scaring off Celino and putting Drak and Deadlox on high alert. They both looked over the edge, seeing a young boy carrying another small boy on his back running away from a group of mobs.

“Its them! We need to get down there!” Deadlox quickly took out his board and placed it on the ground, but when he stepped on it it didn’t turn on. “Are you kidding me?! You’re out of fuel again?!” He yelled as he stomped on the board. He looked up for a second, and noticed something different with Drakonia. Her hands were closed into a shaky fist, her only visible eye glowing as bright as glowstone. “Drak.. Are you o---” Drakonia ran back to the tree Deadlox was resting on, then started running back towards the cliff. “Drak don’t! No one can survive that drop!”   Drakonia didn’t listen to him and continued until she finally jumped off. “DRAKONIA!” Within seconds Drakonia hit the ground feet first, the ground beneath her actually cracking the moment she landed. She stood up straight and started running after the mob of mobs, leaving Deadlox behind. She pulled put her ender bow and began firing on the mobs, aiming at their blue dyed helmets to take the chance of an arrow going directly through it or knocking it off their heads.

“Looks like the Resistance Army is in town. What the Nether are they doing attacking minecraftians instead of trying to find my father’s hideout?” Drakonia thought as the mobs fell one by one. As their numbers diminished, it allowed Drakonia to see where the boys were going, and by the look of things it wasn’t good. “Are these boys really this stupid? They’re heading for a dead end.” She finally noticed the two boys, the youngest had short blond hair and crystal blue eyes, wearing a dark blue shirt and forest green pants. His hair and clothing were singed  from  what looks like a creeper blast and had an arrow stuck in his leg. The older boy had semi short brown hair that was tied back with a small pony tail, however his eyes could not be seen since he continued to look forward. His grey shirt and jeans were also singed and torn.

“Run to the left a little big B!” the younger one yelled.

“I’m trying little D! I cant see right now!” The elder yelled.

“Stop big B! There’s a wall!” the younger yelled out as they nearly crashed into the side of a cliff. The eldest  boy set down his younger brother and turned around pulling out a wooden sword that had seen better days. His eyes were still closes, blood dripping from his forehead over his eyes.

“Hey look, dinner finally stop running!” a zombie yelled from the crowd, followed by the rest giving sinister laughs. The mobs continued to close is, zombies readied their swords and shovels, skeletons with their bows drawn and creepers ready to charge in. “Don’t damage them too badly, we need every last bit to ssssshare!” a creeper yelled, nearly exploding from the excitement.

“Come on you stupid mobs! I can still hear you, I can fight you off!” the eldest yelled at them. Drakonia’s rage grew as she heard the mobs talk, making it harder to fight off her ender rage. She hooked her bow on her back and drew out her special sword.

“Well time to use the last potion.” She thought as she placed her hand in her pack. She jumped high into the air past all the mobs, now aiming for the ever shrinking area between the mobs and the boys. In mid air she pulled out her hand from her pack, taking out a huge instant health potion bottle and throwing it onto the ground were she was about to land. A redish dust cover the area like all potions did, however the area it covered reached both parties which in turned healed the boys and stopped the mobs in their track. The mobs began to shout curses as the potion touched some of them and yelling at whoever tossed the potion. Drakonia then landed at the center of the dust and with one swift motion with her arms, the dust cleared making her clearly visible. She kept her eyes closed just in case some of the dust would fly into her ender eyes, unsure if it would be effected. The mobs tried to regroup themselves as the area grew darker due to the dark rain clouds creeping in ever so slowly. Drakonia shot her eyes open, both glowing once again, even her ender eye gave off enough light to be seen past her hair.

“Drakonia?!” The group yelled simultaneously, some even taking a few steps back.

“Looks like none of you have a single brain. If you realize, these two are not enough to feed all of you.” Drakonia smirked, knowing they wont have a come back.

“Why are you even here? We’re just here to have something to eat! We’re 3 squads, we can learn how to share.” A skeleton riding a spider said drawing his bow.

“Well why don’t you go somewhere else? Because these two are not on the menu.” Drakonia yelled pointing her sword swords the group with a serious look. Suddenly an arrow was shot, something she could easily dodge or deflect but then she thought of the two behind her that would take the blow if she did so. So she decided to stay put, and allowed the arrow to lodge its self  in her torso, slightly above her lowest rib.

“Come on mobsssss! Itsssss only one of her! We’re going home assss heroesssss if we bring her head!” A creeper yelled, followed by the chants and cheers of the mobs around him holding up their weapons.

“Damn it. This isn’t going to be easy, I’m not up to full strength yet.” She thought to her self as she swiftly yanked out the arrow. The group charged at her,  and she charged back with full force. A zombie swung its sword near her neck, she swiftly bent slightly backwards to avoid the attack, followed by a good slash from her sword which sliced the zombie in half. Next she ran towards a creeper that was charging getting ready to explode, she jumped on and  jumped off  using a back flip off the creeper pushing it back and making it explode on a bunch of mobs. She then landed on a spider crushing it, then grabbed two skeletons by their heads and slammed one into the either with such force it actually shattered their skulls. She continued to counter every attack, doing backflips and twirling in the air to avoid them and allowing her sword to have a deadly 360 range. As she ran into the group once again after landing from yet another backflip, she noticed a few mobs ran past her, and that’s when she notcied… “Oh sh*t the boys!” she thought as she looked back at where the two boys were crouching, seeing creepers and skeletons heading for them. Drakonia sliced her way through, taking a close call with a creeper and an arrow to her thigh. With no time to spare, she jumped into the line of fire in front of the boys, taking a direct blast from a creeper and a few arrows to the back and a signle arrow to the head. Drakonia swung around, unleashing her arrow fury on the close skeletons. Drakonia was now panting hard, vision blurring for only a few before returning to a normal state she had never fought so many enemies when her strength was so low.

“Miss are you--” the youngest boy began to ask.

“Don’t worry about me.” Drakonia began to say, turning her head to them. The two of them held onto each other, but now looking up at their hero. “Don’t worry, this will be over soon.” Drakonia looked back at the mobs, now noticing that its as if she didn’t even make a dent in their numbers. “Damn it, where are they coming from? Are they spawning in or what?” She wondered as she swung  her sword behind her, unlodging the arrow from her head and leg and breaking the arrows lodge in her back so her hair could cover what was left.  Drakonia readied more arrows and was about to send them off, when a sudden call was heard.

“Hang on kids! We’re here to save you!” Familiar voices shouted. Drakonia looked up and was caught off by surprised.

“Deadlox?! Jason?! Seto?! Celino?!” She yelled as she controlled the glow of her eyes  Seto was flying in using his magic to keep him high in the sky. Jason had a bow at the ready, his jet pack keeping him steady in the air. Deadloz was riding on top of the now gigantic Celino, with his own bow at the ready. After they fired their first shots, they charged downwards towards the mobs. Celino actually charged into the group, sending a huge portion of the group flying. Jason still using his jetpack flew through the group with ease using his butter sword. Seto sent of arrows coated in magic at the ground which exploded on impact. Deadlox was using his enchanted sword to hack his way over to Drakonia and the two kids.

“Baxurous and Diszor, are you alright?” Deadlox yelled over the sounds of battle after making it out of the group.

“Yes we are Commander  Deadlox!” Diszor said back.

“How you holding up Drak?” Deadlox asked noticing Drakonia was panting hard and slightly hunched over.

“Just fine dude.” she said giving a smile, now aiming her bow again and sending flame covered arrows.

“Retreat! Lets Retreat!” A spider jockey yelled as it ran into the closest cave entrance, shortly followed by the remaining mobs. The mobs retreated into the darkness, allowing Jason and Seto to come closer to pick of up the young boys.

“We’ll take them back to Sky, we’ll catch up with you two later.” Seto said as he lifted Baxurous with his magic. Jason picked up Diszor and held him tightly as he started flying high in the sky. When Jason and Seto were out of sight, Celino returned to her small size and flew next to Drakonia.

“Nice job there Celino.” Drakonia said. Celino squeaked with joy, she was so happy she could help.

“Drak this bat of yours is awesome! Not to mention your fighting skills! You held off a  HUGE group of mobs all by your self!” Deadlox yelled, now pumped with energy. “Come on, we have to head back and report this. The weather is messing up the connection of my intercom.” He said as he started speed walking towards the way they came, but then he stopped when noticed Drakonia didn’t move from her spot. “Drakonia… something wrong?” Drakonia’s eyes were fixed onto the ground, her pupils were dilated and she was panting harder then she was before. Before Deadlox could ask again, Drakonia fell over with a large thud. “Oh sh*t!” Her ran over to her side, she tried to push herself off the ground, but each attempt failed. “Drakonia whats wrong?!” he yelled with worry, placing his hand on her back trying to turn her over.   When he lifted his hand due to the fact that he felt something liquidy, he saw red and purplish black blood dripping from his hand. “What the Nether did you do?” He said as he moved her hair, revealing all the stubs of arrows. Celino squeak panicly, grabbing one of Drakonia’s shoulders and trying to lift her up.  “Celino don’t bother. Listen I know this sounds weird but mine me up some coal, I need it for my board.” He said as he pulled out a nearly broken butter pick. Celino nodded and took the pick with ease, and flew up to a small bunch of coal ore on the side of the cliff. After pulling out the stumps of arrows, Deadlox pulled out regeneration potion and smashed it on the ground, hoping it would work quickly.

“You do know that pulling those arrows out really damn hurt.” Drakonia said weakly as she tried to push her self off the ground again, only this time she only managed to flip her self onto her back. She hissed at the pain she felt lying on back, oh how she hated being this weak.

“Drak stop it. You’re going to make it worse.”

“I’m fine damn it.” she snapped back with anger, trying to sit up only to fall back on her back making her growl out of pain.

“Will you just rest and let the potion work. Geez you’re so stubborn.” Deadlox took out his board and laid it next to him, then he picked up Drakonia and stepped on the board.

“Let me go! I said I’m fine!” She yelled trying to push him away. Drakonia wanted to act tough, but the other reason why she wanted him to let go of her was the unnatural  warmth she felt each time he even touched her. Deadlox sigh, he’s only trying to help after all. Celino returned and placed the coal in the fuel compartment as if she knew exactly where it had to go.

“Guess the pick broke huh? Well I didn’t need it anymore. Land on my head hang on. You’ve worked enough for today.” He said to Celino. She squeaked with glee and did what he said. The board hummed to life and then they were off towards town.

The trio hovered over the town, the streets were quiet as if it was night. Deadlox tried to drive the board at a slow pace, trying to conserve some fuel. Celino squeeked a few times and tugged at Deadlox’s hair to look upwards. As he looked up a drop of rain fell on his forehead, he knew he couldn’t be flying the board for much longer. He flew down towards the ground, landing in front of Muscial Shinanagins. Deadlox put Drakonia on her feet, however she had to lean up against the wall of the building. Celino hopped off of Deadlox’s head, squeaked a few times and flew off.

“Where’s she going?”

“Back to our storage, she’s going to get me a few things.”

“Listen Drak, give me a moment I’ll talk with owner for a moment.” Deadlox quickly went inside, leaving Drakonia out in the open. The rain began to fall faster, luckily where Drakonia was it was still only drizzling.

“Will you just hurry up, I don’t want to be out here.” She said to herself. Drakonia was tired and angry, she couldn’t believe she was saved by him AGAIN! She was fueled with anger, how could she be so weak, how could she get hurt like that! “I swear Kikoyo, you’re going to pay for whatever you did in there.” Drakonia lost  herself in thought once again, playing today’s events in her head, trying to figure out what the Nether was going on with her lately. She was shortly snapped back to reality when Deadlox came back out the door.

“Drak, I need to pick up a few things so the owner is going to keep an eye on you for a few minutes ok?” Drakonia nodded, its not like she had a choice anyways. Deadlox helped her walk inside and helped her to a chair that was set up near the counter just for her to rest. “I’ll see you in a few.” he said before he sped out of the store. Drakonia looked towards the counter, noticing a different man looking back at her.

“Who are you?” The man looking back her honestly looked like a ninja, but at the same time looked like a animal hunter dressed in green, the only thing actually visible was his blue eyes.

“I’m ThxCya, but everyone just calls me James. Nice to meet you Drakonia. You’ve only been part of the Sky Army for a day and I’ve already heard a bunch about you.”

“Guess word spreads quick?” she said giving a slight chuckle.

“You bet. By the way I hope you feel better, heard you got hurt pretty bad today. Oh and don’t worry about the chair and all, Deadlox already informed me. I’ll just clean it up later.”

“Oh… alright then.”

“Hey while you’re here. Want some music playing to drown out that rain?” Drakonia looked towards the window, now realizing it was now pouring rain out there.

“Uh sure, anything will do.”

“Alright then. I’ll put a mixed music disk on. Some of the songs are about Minecraftia, other are actually normal music. Listen I’ll be in the back taking inventory. Just give me a shout if you need anything. Oh and if Deadlox come back to pick you up, no need to let me know.” James said as he placed the music disk in the jukebox before he left through a iron door that lead to the building’s storage room. Drakonia laid back in the chair but trying to keep pressure off her back as it slowly healed. Before each song played, it said the name of each song. The first three she heard was “From the Ground Up” then it was “Daylight” and then it was “Glowstone Love.” Each song helped her relaxed, so relaxed she actually almost fell asleep. She was shaken awake by Deadlox when he finally returned.

“Hey Drak, having a nice nap?” He said laughing. “Can you walk? We cant use the board in the rain.”

“I think so, but I cant go out there.”

“That’s why I brought this.” He pulled out an umbrella, one that was a bright green and black. “Come on lets go. You need to get some rest.” He helped her out of the chair and up onto her feet. As they made their way through the doorway, Drakonia couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, she’s not exactly ok with being out in the rain. “Don’t worry, the rain wont get you. Just stay close and you’ll be fine.” Drakonia sighed, she really didn’t have a choice since she wouldn’t be able to teleport in her current state. She only nodded, and then they started their way outside of town.
Ok, I lied in the last one... THIS part is the second to last part of Ch. 1! Hope you guys enjoy this! Please leave feedback cause I love to see how I could improve this story and ideas whenever I get stuck.
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