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March 16, 2013
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Prologue (part 2):

The two walked towards town not saying much, both seemed to be lost in thought. “Just play along Drak, you’ll have your chance soon.” She thought.

“So, where are you from?” Deadlox asked halfway towards their destination.

“Uh…. Um…. Far away actually. Well I really don’t know since I travel a lot.” She replied quickly. Lying, sure she was used to it but she was not used to being asked such questions about herself.

“You travel a lot?”

“Well sort of. I’ve lived in the wild since I was 6. Which you can kind of tell by my clothing.” She said pointing to her torn sleeves. She then realized something, the torn sleeves exposed her black patches. “Uh, maybe going to town wont be a good idea. I mean I’ve been to a town before, the first few minutes I was there they already sent an attack team on me.” Well it was true, that same attack team is the reason for some of her black patches in the first place.

“Well then lets fix that then, we don’t want that happening now do we?” Deadlox said, stepping in front and facing Drakonia, making her stop dead in her tracks. He immediately grabbed a brush from his pack and then went for her ribbon.

“Hey don’t touch that!” She yelled trying to push his hand away.

“Will you just hold still!” He yelled back as he grabbed the end of the ribbon and gently pulled on it to untie it.  She kept fidgeting, she tried to control her anger because normally she would beat up any minecraftian who dared to touch her precious red ribbon. He ran behind her and started brushing her tangled hair, from afar her hair looked nice but up close you could see every tangle, as if she hasn’t fixed her hair in years!

“What are you doing that hurts!” She yelled still fidgeting. “You cant take him now, we’re too close to town.” she thought, trying to convince herself to not attack him. After ten minutes of her complaining and him ripping the brush through her hair, he returned to the front, taking a step back looking at his work. Her hair was now silk smooth, and it seemed after being untangled it added an extra 2 or 3 inches, however the ends showed the years of damage. “What the? What did you do?” She was completely surprised, she cant remember the last time her hair was like this.

“Do you have a scissor by any chance?” He asked suddenly.
“Uh yea in the outside pocket, um why?” She asked nervously. He grabbed the scissors and rushed to cut the ends.. “What are you doing?!” She said panicking. He then quickly moved back to the front and then stylized her hair to match a similar style he had to cover he face. He finished off by pulling back her hair on the other side and then tied it in place with the ribbon.

“Well, take a look.” He said pointing to a small puddle off to the side. She looked confused for a moment, but then she made her way to see her reflection but when she did she was in complete shock. When she looked, she couldn’t believe it, she actually looked like a normal minecraftian. “Is that hidden enough for you?” She gave him a quick glare, and then went to snatch the scissor out of his hand. She then used the scissor to the top stitching of her sleves, now leaving only part of it connected which lowered the sleeves just enough to hide her black patches.

“Now this is hidden enough.” She said laughing as she slipped the scissors and the strands of cut hair into her bag.

“Oh, sorry that I cut your hair without asking.” He replied looking a bit shameful.

“Oh its ok, as long as it was damaged hair I don’t care if it gets cut.” This was unusual, normally she would rip apart any minecraftian that came anywhere near her, let alone her hair or ribbon. What made him so different, that she was actually giving him a chance? As time passed, they finally made it into town and for Drakonia it was an amazing sight! The town filled with people, shops on every street and buildings both tall and short made of wood or stone, she had never seen a town like this before. The best was, she wasn’t attracting any negative attention. “This place is cool.” She said calmly, trying not to show any true emotion.

“Yea it is. Once you get used to it though, its just another town like any other. Except we have more cars on the streets.”


“Geez, you have a lot to learn Drak.” He said laughing, he just couldn’t help but laugh. The deeper they went into town, the more busy it got. “Hey Deadlox!” one person said. “Yo Deadlox who’s the girl!” another asked as they passed by. Deadlox replied to each with a simple “Hey” and making sure Drakonia was not far behind. “I could be explaining what everything is but that’s kind of pointless right?” Before she could respond, a cry for help came through the crowd.

“Will someone help!? I’ve been griefed!” the male voice rang through the crowd. Being curious, the two of them headed to the source of the sound. They both ended up at the doors of a Chocolate shop, or at least used to be one. The door was damaged by flame, the sandstone walls chipped, the front glass shattered, the simple flower bed in front of the window taken apart and the chairs were either broken or missing. A lone minecraftian was sitting and sulking at one of the untouched tables within the store. The older man looked back at the two who were entering through the door way of his shattered shop, now noticing one of them. “Commander Deadlox! Thank Notch you’re here, please tell me you can help me fix this! I have a party to host in less then an hour!” Drakonia gave him a confused look, her “friends” was a commander? Deadlox sighed, because he knew he couldn’t do a thing.

“Sorry Dratin. I don’t have the supplies to replace all this, and get it all will take too long.” Deadlox responded. The man’s face that was filled with hope was now filled with sorrow again. Drakonia looked at the man, she for the first time in her life, she resisted the urge to make a minecraftian’s life worse. Instead she gave into the temptation to build.

“I’ll help rebuild.” She then said. Both men gave a surprised looked as she took an ender chest from her bag and placed it down on the ground. She pulled out all the supplies she needed, and replaced them all as fast as she could with the diamond pickaxe that she also pulled from her bag. “Why am I helping him?” She asked her self suddenly, was the urge to build something actually stronger then her hate? She pushed the issue aside as she continued to work on the place, replacing the blocks and adding her own special touches, even adding red curtains to the window after replacing the glass. She then headed outside, making minor adjustments to flower bed and adding two torches around the door. By the time she was done, the shop looked better then it did before, the sandstone was now all smooth except a few blocks at the corners were chiseled in, the floor was now a dark spruce wood planks, the door looked brand new and the curtain gave it a bit more privacy but also gave it a slightly elegant look.

“Oh my Notch thank you dear! This looks better then it was before!” the man jumped with joy. “Here, I’ll give you something in return!” The man yelled as he ran to the back of his shop. Within a few minutes, the man returned with a small white box and handed it to Drakonia. “Here you are my dear, my finest chocolates! Please take it as a token of my gratitude!”

“Thank you sir.” Drakonia took the box and began to follow Deadlox out of the store. Along the way to the parkour area, Drakonia opened the box and it was filled to the brim with small pieces of candy, of all shapes and sizes and colors. Some looked like mincraftia mobs, some just looked like tiny little smooth brown blocks and some looked like famous minecraftians, there was even one that looked like Deadlox. “What are these chocolates? Some kind of food?” She asked Deadlox as she pulled out the Deadlox chocolate.

“Just try it, you may like it and it is some kind of food. Its called candy, a sweet treat used to ‘pleasure’ your self. Just let it melt in your mouth.” Deadlox said trying to hold in his laugh, looks like someone’s mind is in the gutter. Drakonia bit half of the chocolate off and let it sit there. She gave a huge smile and tried to resist stuffing the rest of the chocolate in her mouth.

“This is sooooo sweet and tasty! I love it! Do you want the other half?”

“Sure why not, I haven’t had a taste of me yet.” Drakonia laughed, but this was no act, she actually found him funny. She was laughing so hard that she actually snorted like a pig. She placed her hand over her nose out of embarrassment, nearly dropping the box. “What was that?!” Deadlox said laughing. “Hey don’t be embarrassed, that’s kind of cute.” He tried to stop laughing but he couldn’t help it, if he didn’t know any better he would have thought it really was a pig.

“C-Cute? Please this is not cute…” She looked away angrily, trying not to show her embarrassment but to also think about what he said for a quick second. “Cute? Something I did was cute?” She thought. This could be bad, she supposed to drive fear into minecraftian’s hearts not seem cute! By the time they both reached the newly opened Butter Parkour, they had told about half a dozen jokes and about half of the chocolates were gone, most of them eaten by Drakonia.

“Hey look who finally showed up!” A man in a blue space suit said at the entrance. “Oh, and who’s this? I’ve never seen her before.”

“I’m Drakonia. I’m new in town.” She said as she was wiping off the small blobs of chocolate off her face.

“Oh, well I’m TrueMu, but everyone calls me Jason.” Then sounds of someone screaming came from the parkour course. “Guess Sky already started. Come on lets go before he hurts him self.” As they entered, Sky was already half way through the parkour course in this room.

“Power of butter don’t fail me now!” He screamed, but as soon as he did, he missed the block he was jumping to, landing face first on the ground.

“The power of butter?” Drakonia asked Deadlox as she closed the box of chocolates.

“It’s the blocks and ingots, they look like butter and sometimes act like it so we just call it that. Trust me you’ll get used to it.” As they were talking, Sky came running up to them and punched Deadlox. “Dude! Don’t do dis!”

“Aw come on, I had to. The master of parkour has to pick on his apprentice.” He said laughing. Drakonia not watching what she said and using her usual habit of not thinking before she says something.

“Parkour master? Yea maybe compared to a squid.” The group went silent and they stared at her with shocked expressions.

“Did you just-” Jason started.

“Did you just compared me to a squid?” Sky said with anger.

“Dude you fell on a easy jump. I could do better with my eyes close.”  Drakonia crossed her arms. How DARE a minecraftian speak back to her like that!

“Well then alright. Lets see you try!” Sky yelled.

“Ha, this will be a snap!” She thought in her head. Drakonia smirked as she uncrossed her arms, placing the box of chocolate in her bag and made her way over to the first block. She stepped on the first golden block and it was actually quite slippery, but she didn’t mind. She took a good look around and closed her eyes. “Tell me when to start!”

“Then go now!” Jason yelled, and off Drakonia went. Her eyes were tightly shut and she was jumping from block to block with ease, even hitting each checkpoint lever she passed. Now she was in the zone, she didn’t need to focus, she didn’t need to focus so much that she was actually relaxed, allowing her ender particles to emit from her skin. She wasn’t worried though, the sun shined so brightly that the particles themselves seemed to glow as if they were sparkles or glitter.

“Now to really show them.” She then started doing back flips and front flips and even 360 degree twirls in the air. This went on until the very top of this stage, where she flipped on final lever that unleashed water for others to climb up. She tensed up to make sure her particles were no longer existent and shot her eyes open, now looking down at the minecratians.

“Who’s the parkour master now?” She said grinning as she leaned back against the door that lead to the next area. They all looked at her as if she had three heads, it was unbelievable that she even did that!

“Uh…. Drak how about  we finish up the tour of the city?” Deadlox said loudly, he knew he had to get her away from Sky before he starts raging.

“Sure why not!” She yelled back down to him. She took a running jump off the block and then soon landed in front of the group, actually cracking the stone slabs when she landed. “Um… oops.” Sky still looked astonished, and she assumed Jason was the same. Deadlox ran off, out of the parkour area, hoping Drakonia would follow him out, and she did just that.

“Uh….. Jason?”

“Yea Sky?”

“Is she a Sky Recruit?” Jason looked at him for a moment, wondering why he would ask such a question. “Because I want her in the army.”
Here is the next part, this is actually going better then I thought it would, and sorry if this is too long. didnt know where to cut it off. Again... EXCUSE ALL SPELLING MISTAKES PLEASE! and enjoy :D Let me know what you think, your predictions, your ideas and such!

By the way, someone asked me this earlier so I'd thought I'd adress it. I DONT MIND IF YOU DO FAN ART/FIC. As long as you say "This is fan art of 'Fall of Minecraftia'" then its alright with me!
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