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February 22, 2013
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Prologue (part 1):

Deep within the branches of a large oak tree that hung over a large lake, lay a girl deep within a peaceful slumber. The girl blended with the shadows the branches cast, the only thing that stood out was her sky blue wide v-neck shirt that was torn at the sleeves and her purple pants that were torn up to her knees, royal blue sneakers and a double ender pearl necklace slightly glowing in the dark. Her long black hair that could reach the floor when she stood up straight flowed within the shadows by the light breeze, along with the small red bow that was neatly tied in her hair on the left side. Parts of her olive skin showed under the shadows, while some of it was covered by black patches that littered her body, covering half of her face as well. The dawn was rising, the girl was beginning to stir, another night in the woods, far away from home. She was on a mission, to capture the most well known Minecraftians for her plans to make them suffer and to weaken the minecrafitan group. She despised Minecraftians, for as long as she could remember, they tortured her in so many ways. They had taken so much, and now all she wanted revenge, wanting them to suffer as much as she has. She was used to sleeping in the woods, but she did not enjoy being alone, she had been alone for long enough. The sun rose further in sky, her eyes slowly opened, her purple and red eyes glowing in the still deep shadows. Her red eye was glowing bright and appeared to be full of life, however the purple one that laid on the black right side of her face was a bit dull compared to the other. What eventually woke her up though, were the voices of three young men passing by.

She carefully moved the blocky branches, allowing her a clear view of her surroundings. She soon spotted the three men, standing near her location. She backed up a little bit into the shadows, making sure she would not be seen. One was wearing a blue space suit with an orange and yellow visor, another was wearing a black, grey and blue outfit, with brown hair and a glowing purple amulet with a golden frame and jet black sun glasses, and the last one, had a white shirt, dark grey colored pants, brown flowing hair that hanged over the left side of his face, and wearing a light green head set. Drakonia’s eyes fixated on the last one, for some reason this one caught her attention.

“ Sky, truce! TRUCE!” He yelled as the one dressed in grey tossed snowballs at him.

“Only if you can actually say the word truce Deadlox!” The one in grey laughed. From his expression, the girl could tell he enjoyed annoying the other.

“Come on guys, let’s stop picking on each other for once.” The one in the space suit said, moving in between the other two.

“Should I take them out now?” the girl said to herself quietly. The hatred she fed off of, she used in everything she did, for her training, even just to sleep she uses it to ease her thirst for revenge. Her body tensed up, getting ready to teleport or jump out of the tree and in for a sneak attack. For her, this would have been easy, she has taken on an army of the undead all by herself and did not receive a single scratch. However, something stopped her, her gaze was once again fixed on the one getting picked on.

“Come on; let’s go to the new Butter Parkour! Me want the butter!”

“I’ll catch up with you guys. I need to reorganize my back pack.” The one with the head set said as he put down his back pack as the other two walked on down the gravel path.

“Now’s my chance…” The girl thought in her head as she reached for her sword that was pinned to her back. However, a gust of wind shook the branch she was on and fell from the tree, straight into the water. This was deadly, due to her condition, the water burned her, making her want to scream in agony. Worst of all, she did not know how to swim. She couldn’t bare the pain anymore, only being in the water for a few seconds was becoming unbearable. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She screamed as she was beginning to go under, flailing limbs like crazy in attempt to stay afloat. The man immediately jumped to his feet and looked for the sound that startled him, and saw the girl in the distance in the water.  

“Hold on, I’m coming to help!” said as he tossed off his headphones and then dived right in. He soon grabbed a hold of her and dragged her off to shore, once there he lifted her onto the sand. “Hey are you alright?!” He asked her with panic in his voice, she was shaking violently, smoke particles starting to rise from the visible black patches of her skin. As if by instincts, he raced back towards his pack and pulled out his extra t shirt and raced back, then began patting the girl dry. As the water on her was disappearing, her shaking ceased, allowing her to sit up, now wincing from the pain she was feeling from the water touching her face. He lifted her now damp hair, only to be shocked at what he looked at. Although startled, he then began patting the water off her face as gently as he could. “Hey are you ok?” he asked again, The girl opened up her left eye, now staring directly at the person who she intended to harm not moments ago. Her face then turned a light red.

“Um, yea, I think so. Um. Thank you.” She said looking away. When she spoke, Deadlox jumped back in surprised, her teeth were those of a shark. She then looked back at him, and had a curious look on her face. “You’re not running away?” she asked.

“Well no. W-Why would I?” He said. He did not want to offend her, but in all honestly, she has frighten him quite a bit. “Um, are you, some kind of Enderman?” He was curious, due to the fact that the black side of her face was emitting very faint purple particals.

“Well, yes I am. How come that doesn’t scare you?”

“Dude that’s awesome! But maybe you should go see a doctor, I mean I know Enderman are hurt when they touch water.”

“No no, I’m fine.” She said quickly, she knew things would get ugly if she ever agreed to such a thing or even told anything more of her self. Their conversation was broken, by a loud rumble. Looks like the girl was really hungry.

“Someone’s hungry. Here let me get some food from my pack.” Deadlox stood up and calmly walked to his pack, picking up his head set along the way. He really needs to get a pair that is actually water proof, because he cant afford to keep replacing them. He grabbed his bag off the floor and swung it over his shoulder, now heading back the hungry girl. He sat back down and set his pack down, but when he looked at her, he saw her pulling out a piece of rotten flesh from her own back pack and starting nibbling on it. She looked at him, now with a confused look on her face as she ripped a piece off the rotten flesh.

“What?” She asked, before she pushed the chunk into her mouth.

“That’s what you’re going to eat?” Deadlox asked with a disgusted look, luckily he had a strong stomach or else he would have thrown up just at the smell alone.

“Well I don’t have any apples with me. Besides I’ve been eating this my whole life so it doesn’t bother me. All I need to do is rinse afterwards.” She gave a fake laugh, she had to  in order to act “normal” or at least what she thought was normal since she never really paid attention to what minecraftians did.

“Well how about a change? How about some bread?”

“Uh what? What the nether is that?”

“You’ve never had bread before?” She nodded. “Well then try it.” He pulled out a single loaf of bread, ripped it in half and gave one half to her. She held the bread with both hands, looking at it curiously and giving it a few sniffs at the unusual smell and warmth of it. She took a small bite, and then began to chow down on it, savoring each bite. “Guess you liked it.” he said laughing.  “So I’m guessing you’re new around here?”

“Yea I am, guess I ran really far last night.” She said, brushing the crumbs off her face. “Normally after I finish practicing with my bow and sword, I usually take a long walk or run and return home in the morning. Just to clear my head of things.”

Deadlox stood up once more, extending his arm out to the girl, to help her to her feet. “Well how about I show you around town? I mean it gives you a chance to dry off still, plus its almost noon already.” the girl grabbed  his hand and rose to her feet. She had never touched a minecraftian since…… She forced the memory to the back of her, she knew that if she let it come to mind, she would go into a raging fit. “Say I didn’t catch your name. I’m Deadlox.” He said as they both started down the gravel path.

At first she thought she should give him a fake name, but then she thought it wouldn’t really matter since she planned on killing him at some point anyways.

“Well, my name is Drakonia…..”
Ok I'm gonna say this now before it becomes a frenzy. I DO NOT have a crush on Deadlox! I just needed a famous youtuber (since there is gonna be a lot of them in this story) and he was the first one that came to mind. By the way, just a heads up A LOT of youtubers are going to be mention in this story BUT the ones that are going to be a huge part of the story are Sky, Deadlox, Jason, Huskey, Antvenom (and MAYBE ChimneySwift, I have yet to decide on that. AND ALSO, a lot of these parts are actually gonna be based off of many dreams that I actually have about MC and my character.
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